The Futures Program is made possible through the dedication and hard work of Futures Coaches. Every coach must be a USA Field Hockey member and attain at least a USA Field Hockey Level I Coaching Certification prior to coaching their first Futures session. 

For more information on coaching and ways to get involved, please click here to register as being interested in coaching in the Futures Program. If you are selected to coach the regional manager in your region will notify you. 



Coaches, please follow these instructions below to properly run a Futures Individual Trial and submit athletes results:

  1. Inform your athletes that you are running a Futures Trial. Please send them the location, date and time of the individual trial.
  2. Download the Futures Field Player and Goalkeeper Test Document (PDF) and perform the individual trial as specified on the document.
    1. Before you perform the trial, collect the athletes' individual trial confirmation email. This email will include the athletes’ name, birthdate, USA Field Hockey Membership ID and a section for you to write each athlete trial times. Each athlete must perform the individual trial twice.
  3. Perform the individual trial with your athletes.
  4. Once the individual trial is complete, take the athletes' confirmation email with their trial times recorded and follow the directions below to enter the athlete's information.
    1. Select here to login to your USA Field Hockey account.
      1. Enter your Username and Password (Coaches DO NOT need a current USA Field Hockey Membership to enter trial times).
      2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the athletes' individual trial times.
        1. If you have not entered trial times before please email futures@usafieldhockey.com with the following information. USA Field Hockey will then give you access to enter trial times.
                      - Name, Address, Birthdate and Email address
        2. You will then be notified when you have access to enter individual trial times. Once you have been notified please follows the steps above.

*If you need more detailed instructions on submitting individual trial times, please click here.