Foundations Course

The Foundations Course is USA Field Hockey's entry-level Coach Education course, targeted to individuals with little to no field hockey experience who are preparing to introduce and the sport of field hockey. Foundations Courses are provided by USA Field Hockey, free of charge, and are often requested by school districts looking to add field hockey as part of their P.E. Curriculum. They were originally crafted for school Professional Development Days, but have been expanded to a wider audience for recreation departments and other multi-sport organizations (Park Districts, YMCAs, YWCAs, JCCs, etc.) interested in field hockey. Many field hockey clubs have also expressed interest in running this course to teach parents the basics of the game, to encourage adult interest, play and involvement with the sport, and to educate volunteer coaches.

USA Field Hockey’s goal for the Foundations Course is to provide information and hands on training that enables individuals to be comfortable and enthusiastic about introducing the sport of field hockey to beginners of all ages. Topics include basic rules and strategies, equipment and safety overview, individual and team skills, and suggested lesson plans and small games for age appropriate development. A lot of topics will be covered in the 3 hours and we hope all involved will be inspired to want to learn and play more! 

Coach Educators 
USA Field Hockey will provide experienced Coach Educators to teach the Foundations Course to you and your group in your location. All our Coach Educators have extensive field hockey background and expertise in P.E. and age-appropriate development. Whenever possible, local Coach Educators will be utilized to help establish a community network of support to assist with your program’s development.

USA Field Hockey can provide equipment for the course if necessary. We encourage organizations who need field hockey equipment to apply for USA Field Hockey’s Fundamental Field Hockey equipment grant. Since 2012, USA Field Hockey has been provided more than 1,000 sets of FREE equipment to grow the game. Click here to apply for a grant.

If you are interested in holding a Foundations Course, please complete the online registration form by clicking here. You will be contacted by a USA Field Hockey representation to review your application. Once a date has been selected, you will be assigned a local Coach Educator to work with your group.

If you have any questions, please reach out to USA Field Hockey's Sport Development Team at

Thank you for your interest in field hockey! We look forward to working with you.